Yomi was one of the four saints of the Giou Clan. She had a child with Takashirou, though it is not known what became of this child.

She was good friends with Reiga, with whom, in the manga, which was more elaborated on, she used to confide in and asked to run away with her child.

Background Edit

In Story 61, it is revealed that Yomi was pregnant with Takashiro's child. This pregnancy was kept a secret, known only to Takashiro, Reiga and Yomi.

But as was to be expected, her child grew fast during pregnancy and so did her belly, revealing the secret. It is not yet known why, but Yomi's pregnancy was not allowed and Takashiro was even ordered by the imperial court to kill her and the unborn child himself. Why? Who knows. However, he could not bring himself to do so.

The elders and Yomi's parents also were strongly against this, so the only person outside of this she could confide in about this subject was Reiga, whom she later asked to run away with the baby.

But that's when the elders found out and when Reiga got to her on that night, it was too late, he found her dead body collapsed on the floor and her belly seemingly cut open.

Nothing more is known about the child, as it is not even certain whether the child was born before the elders killed Yomi or not.

The only clue about the child is something Yomi confides to Reiga, "This child is not a normal human."