The 4th volume in the Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru series.

Summary Edit

In their war with the Duras, the Zweilt rely almost entirely on the power of the bonds between them and their allies. But with each battle and every passing reincarnation, is there not the danger of cracks developing in the glue that holds these warriors together? When a tense, unexpected battle with an Opast general is cut short, one pair is forced to reconsider their disparate oaths of vengeance and what seeking revenge truly means. And before another battle can get underway, the final Zweilt pair joins the fray at Twilight Hall. But while Yuki seemingly becomes fast friends with one half of this new team, the heart of the other seems vaguely unreachable, clouded by memories of the past...

Chapter List Edit

  • Chapter 16: "Dancing Marionette"
  • Chapter 17: "To Not Be Alone" 
  • Chapter 18: "Irony of Fate"
  • Chapter 19: "On Which Side Are You?"
  • Chapter 20: 
  • Chapter 21: "Feelings of the Past"