Toko-chan scolded me for taking candy from a strange woman.

Tsukumo Murasame (叢雨九十九) The bearer of Kami no Mimi, God's Ears. He is a first-year high school boy who appears in front of Yuki, along with his sister at the start of the story.

Specializing in defence, Tsukumo is the bearer of the "Ears of God", which, among other things, allows him to sense people, hear their hearts and thoughts, speak to them through telepathy, and communicate with animals (most notably birds). He wields a gun called "Knell" (Funeral Bell), which he can use to drive Duras out of human bodies they have taken possession of, but he cannot actually kill them with this weapon.

Personality Edit

Tsukumo is calm and relaxed without being lazy or indifferent. He is also sweet and friendly without being officious or a doormat. He is a very generous soul and doesn’t hesitate to share loads and loads of whatever snack/candy he’s always seen munching on. While generally disliking conflicts, he’s not above some mild teasing and snarky comments in order to amuse himself. He might not be as openly expressive as his sister, but he cares deeply for his friends and is not unaffected when something bad happens to them. One should keep it as a general rule that basically, if Tsukumo’s upset, then shit has really hit the fan.

Appearance Edit

Tsukumo is a very handsome and attractive young man whith short white hair, with a fringe that goes to his right side. He has golden eyes, just like the other zweilt guardians. Tsukumo has a slim and athletic body, despite the fact that he is fond of sweets and snacks. 

At school, he wears a grey school sweater with a purple necktie denoting that he is in his first year of high school. Tsukumo also wears grey pants. 


Touko MurasameEdit

Story 35-0

After being separated from Yuki for a day.

Touko is Tsukumo's caring and lovable older sister. They are extremely close, often sleeping together and putting their faces too close together. Thus, the students at their school often mistake Tsukumo and Touko for a couple. They really care about each other and protect each other. Seeing as Tsukumo is only good at long range combat and Touko is best at close range combat, they maintain a good partnership. While both of them possess the 'Ear of God', only Tsukumo can hear thoughts and animals, while Touko can't. In book 5, Tsukumo displays sadness for never having been married to Touko in a life.

 Yuki GiouEdit

The two are good friends, with Tsukumo always worrying about Yuki's sake. He and Toko like to hug (cling onto) Yuki quite frequently.


  • His birthday is on October 10.
  • The name of his gun is Knell (Funeral Bell).
  • He keeps rabbits.
  • Tsukumo had a girlfriend in his past.
  • Aside from the main character, Tsukumo was the first character Hotaru finished. His personality and moods are very easy to write.  

Quotes Edit

  • "Candy, that is proof of our friendship."
  • "Toko-chan scolded me for taking candy from a strange woman."