Hakuyuu Shikibe is the present head of the Shikibe House (式部), one of the ten divine houses and holds absolute authority in Kyoto. He is one of the Seven Elders and has the rank to challenge even Takashirou.

Overview Edit

He is shown to be manipulative and cunning, trying to turn Yuki against Takashiro. He tells Yuki that it was not his mother, as he had been told, who placed him in an orphanage, but rather Takashiro himself.

Yuki becomes visibly disturbed and troubled by this asking how they all could lie to him like that.

When Touko, Tsukumo and Hotsuma find him later he is depressed and starts to panic when they do not deny what Hakuyuu had said. Hotsuma instead bows down on his knees and hands and begs for his forgiveness.

Later on, when asked about why he allowed Yuki to return to Tokyo instead of keeping him in their custody he replies, "Then we would lose the trust of the Light of God. For now, it is enough to disturb the waters of his spirit. I have thrown in the stone. The Light of God will come into our possession."

His main goal appears to be wanting and co-conspiring to overthrow Takashiro as head of the Giou clan and using Yuki as his main chess piece.