I would very much like to examine you.

Fujiwara Isuzu is the Giou's family doctor who works full time at the infirmary located at Twilight Mansion. Isuzu is known for passing out for various days from lack of sleep, which is caused by his sleepless and restless nights of researching the subject of Duras. His words and actions about treatment come out as perverted whether or not he is aware of it. He is fascinated by Duras and always wants to examine Luka.

Appearance Edit

His introduction isn’t very… flattering. He is usually seen as a ghastly and scary individual because when he is researching he forgets to shower, shave, eat, drink, and sleep. Sometimes he even collapses in the pile of books and papers.. or underneath them. Though once he shaves and cleans himself up it's a different story as he looks neat and handsome, with mid-long dark blue wavy hair and a young looking face.

Trivia and NotesEdit


He gets a call every evening from Takashirou.

  • He is the only one able to make Luka seethe with anger and irritation without threatening or hurting Yuki.