Back when Tokyo was still called Edo, the Giou were asked by the Shogunate to prevent evil spirits from coming and going. So the Giou placed barriers made of spiritual power.

Though Duras live in another dimension, (Infurnus) there are places in their world that can easily connect to this world and they became known as Evil Spirit Gates. The area must stay pure and temples and shrines are usually built at the sites. If a murder occurs in the area, the negative emotions from it are fuel for Duras. If the barrier were broken by the emotions then a path from Infernus to the park would be opened. With Tokyo being a major city, many negative emotions are around making it an ideal feeding ground for Duras.

Barrier Ceremony Edit

Barriers can sometimes weaken so a "barrier-ceremony," needs to be conducted. These are usually done by both Takashirou and Yuki. Before he lost his memories, Yuki was able to and sometimes did perform the ceremony himself.

The Zweilt also make themselves present at this ceremony in order to protect Yuki as at the peak of the ceremony, a small gap will open within the barrier, so that the possibility of the appearance of lower class Duras may occur.

Known Demon Gates Edit

  • Ueno Park